Rector's Profile

Welcome all to MIANZ International College.

We can proudly claim that today MIC is the most geographically dispersed higher education institute in the Maldives. We value the importance of providing equal opportunity for education regardless of geographical location. We believe that the future of our country depends on well-educated people and strong leaders who will be ready to take on the challenges of today’s rapidly changing world. With this focus today MIC has established 17 MIC branches in 14 atolls, offering courses ranging from certificate level one to Master’s program in an affordable price. We cherish and celebrate diversity.

In our effort to widen access to higher education opportunities and the commitment of the management and branch managers across the islands, MIC has become the college of first choice for many of the students who are with us today.

With expanding access to education we are also committed and determined to provide quality programs that support the overall development of our students. As a college, we are aware of the responsibilities in promoting high quality learning, and we are devoted to create learning opportunities and an intellectual environment that supports both the students and the lecturers. Thus, we have a strong team of full time and part-time lecturers who are qualified to deliver the programs.

Simultaneously, we support the development of leadership skills in our students by providing them diverse opportunities to showcase and develop their skills through engaging in activities organized by the Student Association (SA). SA creates opportunities for students to organize and manage a wide range of activities such as community services, competitions, sports and fitness related activities and exposure trips to foreign countries. We believe that this will help develop mind, body and soul of our students. Our students graduate not only with solid knowledge of their profession and areas of interest, they also come out as skilled, critical thinkers who takes social responsibility and are ready for the job market. They also have the skills needed to play the diverse leadership roles of the 21st century.

I would like to once again welcome all the students who have selected MIC and to wish you success in their academic studies. We promise to make a positive change in your life!

With my warmest wishes,

Lamya Abdul Haadhee