Certificate III in Early Childhood Education



      Course overview


      The aim of this course is to develop the basic knowledge, skills and attributes of pre-service teachers to become early childhood teachers. This short course will help them to understand the full scope of a teachers’ role. They will gain practical experiences in early childhood classrooms as they work with experienced teachers.




      General entry

                  Completion of Basic Education OR  Attainment of a Level 2 qualification


      Alternative entry

       18 years of age and Ability to communicate in the language of instruction





      1. Essential English                                                                                                    

      2. Islam                                                                                                                      

      3. Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education                                                       

      4. Child Development                                                                                               

      5.  Literacy, Numeracy & Science                                                                             

      6. Health, Physical Development & Creative arts                                                     

      7. Early Years Curriculum Planning                                                                          

      8. Early Years Field Studies  


      Duration: 6 months

      FEE : 1570/- Per Month

      MNQF LEVEL: 3